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Having a dog adds an extra layer of decision making to planning a holiday... Do you have family or friends to ask? Do you take them to a kennel? Do you find a dog sitter? Or do you want to take them with you on your trip?

With more and more dog-friendly places to visit, explore and stay, popping up across the UK, for many dog owners it’s a no brainer to take their dog away with them on holiday.

And where better to visit with dogs than Cumbria? Which is why British Pet Insurance Services are proud to have partnered with Visit Lake District to produce the Dogs Love Cumbria  - Official Guide.

As part of our partnership, we’ve written a Dog Holiday Insurance Guide, so that dog owners can rest assured knowing that they are protected, should the unexpected happen. Read on to find out more.
British Pet Insurance dog by a Lake

As much as we love them, dogs can be unpredictable at times!

Accidents, injuries and illness can happen to your pet at any time, so it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared.

Before heading off on holiday make sure you’ve had a look at vets near to where you’re staying and exploring, just in case your dog needs to see them while you’re away. Your UK pet insurance provider should cover this just as they would your usual vet, but it is worth reading your policy documents or giving them a call just to make sure.

Enjoy dog-friendly activities, with added peace of mind

With plenty of dog-friendly activities to choose from you’re destined to have a pawsome time in the Lakes with your pooch. But, before you get carried away and book paddle boarding or canoeing, make sure you check for any policy exclusions with your insurance provider.

British Pet Insurance dog on a paddleboard

Relax on holiday, knowing they’re covered

You’ve checked that where you want to stay is dog-friendly, but have you checked that you’re covered for any property damage caused by your pooch...?

We all tend to think the best of our dogs, but in new surroundings there’s a chance they could act differently. Which is why it’s important to check whether your dog’s insurance plan includes property damage under third party liability.

British Pet Insurance dog sleeping

Find the right cover today

For over 40 years’, Petcover Group has provided peace of mind to pet owners, with a comprehensive range of insurance plans for dogs, cats, horses and exotic pets. In 2018, Petcover launched British Pet Insurance Services to provide quality, affordable pet insurance in the UK.

With flexible cover levels and a range of optional extras that can be specially tailored to you and your pet’s needs you can rest assured knowing that you are protected, should the unexpected happen.

Click here to find out more and get a dog insurance quote, or give us a call on 01444 708840

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