Most people have heard of Wainwright bagging and a lot of people have attempted at least one of the Wainwright fells. A remarkable young man from Egremont has completed 135 of the 214 peaks, in the last four years.

Jack Nolan is 15 years old and lives in Egremont with his mum Joanne and dad John. Jack has a few complex conditions –  Autism as well as Epilepsy and ADHD. He is non-verbal, has severe learning difficulties and requires full time care. He is also, as his mum puts it, ‘A L’al mountain goat’.

“Jack is classed as having low functioning autism. Some children are high functioning and excel at things like math or science, Jack excels at walking and climbing. He is in his element when he’s out on the fells.” Says Jack’s mum, Joanne.

Jack's Wainwright Adventures 1

The family have always enjoyed the outdoors and would regularly get out in the lakes when Jack was younger. Four years ago, they took Jack up his first Wainwright – Castle Cragg.

Castle Cragg is one of the easiest and most accessible Wainwrights and Jack loved it. Ever since then Jack and his family have been regulars in the fells, racking up the Wainwrights.

Joanne says; “We want to raise awareness about the complexity and diversity of autism – and that all children are so much more resilient and able than people sometimes give them credit for!”

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Getting out in the countryside can be very difficult for some families, and the Wainwrights might not be for everyone, but there are still a lot of opportunities to get out in some amazing places, and it’s well worth the effort once you do. You can visit to find guided walks and other events as part of the Fells for All Festival: a collaborative festival running across Cumbria in May, June and July of this year. The festival brings together a range of events and initiatives to help unlock access to the outdoors for everyone.

Jack’s mum, Joanne, has set up a Facebook page to allow others to follow Jack’s Wainwright Adventures and inspire others to get out and enjoy the local area.

Joanne said: “We are hoping to complete all of the Wainwrights within the next few years, that’s as long as Jack is still enjoying himself! We hope that others will be inspired to get out in the lakes and maybe even start ticking off some of the Wainwrights themselves!”

Follow Jack's journey on Facebook at Jacks Wainwright Adventures, and learn more about Fells For All at

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