If you’re a regular user of social media, then your friends and family have probably seen plenty of photographs of your favourite meal or perfect pout… So, let’s show them something different for a change!

What better way to show-off your travels to your friends and family than posting a photograph of your beautiful face with some of Cumbria’s hidden gems as the perfect backdrop?

Cumbria is world-famous for its photogenic qualities – but how about something a little different to frame your memories?

Here are a few of our ideas to get you started – don’t forget to say “cheese”… or “Mint Cake”!

Stand Below England’s Tallest  Waterfall

Cautley Spout, near Sedbergh

Located near the Yorkshire Dales book town of Sedbergh, Cautley Spout is one of England's highest waterfalls. How better to catch the drama than to pull out the selfie stick and snap yourself in front of a torrent of water, plunging 650 feet down a cliff face behind you in the Howgill Fells? Get the dog involved too – just remember to keep your four-legged sidekick on a lead at all times.

Take Up Your Defensive Position At Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle

Why should it just be children who get to pretend to be a fearless knight? Head to Carlisle Castle for a dramatic shot – but don’t get your selfie-stick mixed-up with the spears… This castle was built from stones taken from Hadrian’s Wall, so be sure to point at one of the bricks with your best shocked or sympathetic face on.

Look Up At The Towering Cliffs Of St Bees

St Bees coast

At the St Bees Heritage Coast, take a stroll at St Bees Head when the tide is out and whip-out the camera for a low angled shot of you standing in front of the towering red sandstone cliffs. Not only does a low angle shot make you look cool, but it’ll feel like you’ve grown a couple of feet taller too – and when you’re stood at the bottom of these cliffs, the taller you feel, the better. This is the sight of many nesting birds though, so make sure they don’t photo-bomb your efforts – if you know what we mean.

Be Seen On A World-Famous Scenic Railway

Settle to Carlisle Railway
The world-famous Settle to Carlisle Railway is one of the most scenic railways in the UK, so what better way to compliment your best grin? There are plenty of opportunities to get your best side thanks to the many stations along the 70+ mile route which will take you across more than 20 viaducts and bridges. There are 14 dark tunnels too, but selfies taken in those would look terrible, so wait for that rush of daylight when you thunder out the other side before trying to capture the moment.

Follow In The Footsteps Of A Roman Soldier

Take a selfie at Hadrian's Wall

If a selfie at Carlisle Castle isn’t enough to satisfy your inner warrior, then take a wander along Hadrian’s Wall and pick your favorite spot. Now, just imagine the moment you single-handedly save the day by stopping hoards of invaders from getting past. Then, take a triumphant shot of your best “better luck next time” face and post it onto your opponents’ channels.

Find The Lighthouse On The Hill

Sir John Barrow monument, Hoad Hill, Ulverston

If there’s the perfect place for a ‘looking and pointing’ selfie, this is it. At the top of Hoad Hill on the outskirts of Ulverston, the huge pepperpot-esque lighthouse replica built as a tribute to the sailor Sir John Barrow will provide the perfect backdrop to get your several-thousand followers talking. The monument is open to climb on selected days of the week, so get up that winding narrow staircase – if you dare. Nervous (but perfectly safe) selfie, anyone?

Take A Snap From England’s Highest Town

Cyclists in Alston

There ain’t no view like the view from the top of the world. But since we’ve not written our Everest blog yet, why not give Alston a try instead? This is the highest town in England, so for some ear-popping fun, head up here and get a photo of yourself looking light-headed. Maybe even grab a pint to make yourself look even cooler?

Another fine selfie you’re taking!

Laurel & Hardy statue in Ulverston
We all know that walking past a statue of a famous person without taking a photograph of yourself posing next to it is scientifically proven to be impossible. So, head over to Ulverston and seek-out the Laurel & Hardy statue and practice your best “I’m sorry, Ollie” or “Another fine mess” quotes and capture a perfect selfie next to this bronze tribute to one of the world’s greatest comedy double acts. Oh, Stan Laurel was born in Ulverston, in case you didn’t know – and there’s a special museum just around the corner too!

Snap Your Pint On A Traffic-Free Island

Piel Island, Morecambe Bay

We couldn’t resist throwing another castle selfie opportunity into the mix here. Just off the coast of Barrow is the small but perfectly formed Piel Island (a bit like your face). This traffic-free spit of land is accessible only by a small boat, with a pub and a ruined castle to explore when you land. The landlord of the pub is also known as the King of Piel – so become a Prince or Princess for a few precious seconds and choose the perfect spot to immortalize the moment.

Signpost The Way To Rome

Senhouse Roman Museum

When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ is a great, well-known saying. But while ‘When not in Rome, find a signpost that points towards it and smile’ isn’t quite so well-known, we certainly think it’s a great saying and deserves more limelight. Cumbria is well-own for its rich, Roman heritage – and after paying a visit to the Senhouse Roman Museum in Maryport, be sure to grab a snap of yourself under the sign which helpfully points out that you’re only 1147 miles from the great Italian city. Where are those straight roads when you need one? And bridges for that matter…

However you choose to mark your visit on your favourite social media platforms, be sure to tag us in your photos so we can spread the word about your travels! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #theperfectplacetobe so we can find your shots so our team can use them as inspiration for their own poses.

Cumbria really is the perfect place to take a selfie. We hope you've enjoyed our round up of great places for the perfect pose. For even more inspirations and suggestions, check out our Selfie Guide here.




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