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Keswick is one of the most beautiful towns in the country, and even more stunning in autumn as the trees turn golden with the turning of the season. Keswick Museum is an easy walk from the town centre, on Station road, overlooking Fitz park. The museum has been open for over 100 years and its collection is al 250 years old! We have loads of activities to keep the kids entertained over Half-Term and a programme of changing seasonal events. Don’t forget to pop to Café West on your visit - you can pick refreshments or a delicious bite to eat.

1. Have a go playing the Musical Stones of Skiddaw 

This Lithophone (Stone Xylophone) was made from hornfels between 1827 and 1840 by a local stonemason Joseph Richardson. Richardson and his talented sons toured Britain during the Victorian era. In 1848 they played for Queen Victoria at Buckingham palace! 

Have a go playing the Musical Stones of Skiddaw

You can have a go playing on our Musical Stones next time you visit Keswick Museum.

2. Learn about Keswick’s story past and present. 

Keswick Museum

Since January 2020, we have enhanced our gallery spaces to share the stories of Keswick. We have nine new zones of exploration: Landscape, Living Here, Visiting Here, Art, Literature, Arts and Crafts, Mountain Heritage Trust, The Community Gallery and a Special Exhibition Space. Click here

3. Discover our fantastic Where’s Wally trail 

Discover our fantastic Where’s Wally trail

Wally has hidden himself all over Keswick Museum! You have from October 9th until November 1st 2020 to find Where’s Wally.
Click here to find out more

4. Plenty of activities to entertain the Kids

Activities to entertain the kids at Keswick Museum

There is plenty of fun to be found at Keswick Museum. We have Quizzes with prizes, create your own art exhibit, Keswick School of Industrial Arts brass rubbings and cabinets of curiosity to explore! 

5. Talk to our Volunteers

Talk to our volunteers

Our Volunteers on the front desk are friendly, fabulous, and full of knowledge. Feel free to have a chat to them about all things Keswick. They are so passionate that you will walk away feeling motivated and wiser for the conversation. To find out more how you could get involved click here

6. Explore Peter Crosthwaite’s collection

Explore Peter Crosthwaite’s collection

Founder of Keswick Museum’s collection, Peter Crosthwaite was an avid explorer, inventor, entrepreneur. In 1780, he bought a house in Museum Square and opened it as a museum, which he filled with a mix of curios that he had brought back from his travels and as many objects of local interest as could find. His museum was one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Keswick. 

7. One of the oldest purpose-built museums in Cumbria

Keswick Museum - One of the oldest purpose-built museums in Cumbria

In 1898 the Museum building we have today was completed, all of the original Museum Collection (originally on Museum Square), was moved from the Moot Hall to where we are today. 

8. Discover Southey

Discover Southey

Robert Southey was a famous author and Poet Laureate. He wrote a story that everyone will have heard of before… The Three Bears! The original tale has been changed over the years, but it is still a much-loved bedtime story for millions of children. Find out more on Southey and his literary impact on the world by clicking here

9. Join us for Half-term fun

Join us for Half-term fun

At Half-Term we have two Saturday sessions of storytelling with the fabulous Digby Days, plus Spooky Museum Bag crafting sessions on Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th - bookable slots for family bubbles of four. 


10. Find our Mummified cat

Find our Mummified cat

Hidden behind one of our cabinets of curiosity is a 700-year-old cat which has been naturally mummified. It was discovered in 1842 in a chancel roof space in Clifton church, near Workington. Our records say it was deliberately placed there… but no one knows why!

Find out more about Keswick Museum at keswickmuseum.org.uk




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