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The Eden Valley is such a special part of Cumbria. Spanning the north eastern corner of the Lake District, the northern tip of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the western side of the Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty it boasts an unspoilt landscape that is rich in natural resources.

Aqua Pura - Pure British mineral waterToday Aqua Pura is one of the best known British natural mineral waters in UK, meaning that people far and wide can share and enjoy the taste of the Cumbrian landscape.

It is this landscape that is the rich source of Aqua Pura water. The team have been bottling water at source in the beautiful Eden Valley for 30 years. Flowing deep below the surface and filtered naturally through ancient, mineral-rich rocks, the water is naturally pure with a consistently clear and refreshing taste. That’s why it’s called Aqua Pura – quite simply, ‘Pure Water’.

A sustainable source

The team at Aqua Pura respect the landscape that provides this unique source and are passionate about preserving this stunning part of the world. This commitment to sustainability involves the way the water is bottled to how the site is designed to fit in with the landscape.

Experience the Eden Valley for yourself

The Eden Valley is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and try something new, so we would encourage everyone to visit, get out there and explore the fresh Cumbrian air of the Eden Valley. The area plays host to a vast array of amazing walks, attractions, and experiences for you to enjoy.  We asked our friends at Aqua Pura to tell us some of their favourite places to visit in the area.

Hutton in the Forest

Nestled between the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks just north of Penrith, a visit to the historic house of Hutton in the Forest is a must. With a design inspired by a medieval pele tower with 17th, 18th and 19th century additions, the house also offers an unforgettable walled garden dating back to the 1730s, which, as the name would suggest, is surrounded by a medieval forest. With its gorgeous flowerbeds and borders, Hutton in the Forest has everything you need to create classic English memories last a lifetime. Take a bottle of Aqua Pura with you to help you stay hydrated whilst walking through this beautiful landscape.

Appleby & the Orton Fells

For those who desire a deep-dive into truly peaceful Cumbrian village life, why not stop-by in the village of Orton? While either en-route or leaving the Eden Valley, this ancient village provides a picturesque introduction to the Orton Fells. Perfect for a picnic with some fresh locally sourced Aqua Pura to accompany it. You can also visit the Great Asby Scar National Nature Reserve, the village of Great Asby and the town of Appleby – home of the famous annual Appleby Horse Fair. A good starting point for a rugged countryside walk is from the Appleby Tourist Information Centre, where staff will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Lowther Castle and Lost Castle

Whether you’re young or old, no visit to Eden is complete without a visit to Lowther Castle. While officially in ruin, the tale behind this building’s gradual (and halted) deconstruction is a fascinating story, best left for you to uncover at its exhibition… Set in 130 acres of ancient gardens, the formerly derelict building’s formerly forgotten and neglected surroundings are the focus of a 20-year masterplan to restore them to their former glory.

While the castle will captivate the adults, the giant ‘Lost Castle’ adventure playground hidden in the woodland towards the rear of the gardens must be seen to be believed – and that’s not a cliché we’re using lightly! It’s no understatement to say that there are hours of fun to be had here. Trust us – your children – or your inner child – will not be disappointed!

Askham Hall & Gardens

Another stunning stately home on our list of top picks, Askham Hall is nestled among 12 acres of beautiful gardens made-up of colourful terraces, well-kept lawns, vegetable gardens, woodland, meadows and ponds. Soak up the views of the River Lowther. With a brilliant outdoor play area for children, Askham Hall also provides you with a great starting point to enjoy other nearby walks across fields, through woodland, along rivers and up fells.

Dalemain Mansion

Proving that stunning architecture isn’t uncommon across the Eden district, Dalemain Mansion’s blend of medieval, Tudor and early Georgian architecture is another essential sight to behold during your Eden adventure. A garden-lover’s paradise, five acres of stunning outdoor space features richly planted herbaceous borders, a rose walk with nearly 200 old-fashioned roses and a Tudor Knot Garden. An extra early summer bonus is the sight of a stunning array of blue Himalayan poppies.

The Rheged Centre, Penrith

Penrith’s crown jewel, Rheged, provides visitors with the perfect introduction to the Lake District and wider Cumbria. Home to a diverse range of shops selling everything from artisan food and outdoor clothing to children’s toys, body products and crafts, Rheged also boasts the biggest 3D cinema in the region.

With an ever-changing range of exhibitions in its very own gallery, work includes that by some of Cumbria’s world class artists and craftspeople. As if that’s not enough. Be sure to stop-by the Food Hall, for the finest selection of local produce you can buy – from meat and cheese to wine and beer. Nearby, the 14th century Penrith Castle as once a critical line of defense against any Scots who dared to attempt an England invasion!

For a perfect place to eat nearby, check out the new FYR restaurant at the North Lakes Hotel, The Upfront Gallery Restaurant, or Allium and the Kitchen Garden Cafe at Askham Hall.

Alston & the South Tynedale Railway

From the Pooley Bridge pier at the northern tip of Ullswater, it’s just a 40 minute drive to England’s highest town of Alston. With the stunning views of the surrounding countryside making the journey to Alston just as pleasurable as your experience upon arrival, this is the home of the South Tynedale Railway. This five-mile narrow gauge line trundles through the South Tyne Valley to Slaggyford in Northumberland three times per day, operating from late March until mid-November. If that’s not enough railway action for you, part of the world-famous Settle-Carlisle route also runs through the Eden district.

How about looking across Eden and beyond from the skies? You can take a flight in a gyroplane – and even take control of it yourself! Prepare for takeoff at the Berrier Airfield near Penrith and find yourself high above the Eden Valley just a few minutes later.

Can there be anything better than an open-cockpit view of the most beautiful part of England? We don’t think so!

For even more inspiration, just search “Eden” here at visitlakedistrict.com.

Stay hydrated whilst you explore the area

Whilst you explore the beautiful Eden Valley, it’s important to make sure you stay hydrated. Did you know, the human body is made up of approximately 60% water.  Every cell in the body needs water to function properly and water is the first constituent and the main food of all living things. 

So, are you drinking enough?  The amount of water you should drink is specific to each and every individual and no single recommended water intake suits everyone.  To make sure you’re drinking the right amount of water specific to your body type and activity level, there is a handy tool to help keep you every bit as hydrated as you should be.

Click here to see how much water you should be drinking and check out our factsheet for top tips on how to stay hydrated.

Aqua Pura - 100% natural mineral waterA natural mineral water that is good for you

Aqua Pura is very proud to be an officially recognised “Natural Mineral Water”.
To achieve this classification a water must meet strict standards and requirements, for example water must come from an officially recognised source which has undergone two years of frequent microbiological and quality testing. Authorities must be confident that the source is protected from pollution, and that the temperature and composition remain stable.

Aqua Pura originates from a natural and protected underground source.  It is bottled at source on-site and is rigorously tested to ensure it is microbiologically safe and high quality without the need for any treatment.

As rainwater filters through the Penrith sandstone of the Eden Valley it collects minerals, mainly Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium.  Don’t worry though – the Sodium levels are classified as low.  The presence of these minerals helps give Aqua Pura it’s refreshing taste.

As producers of Natural Mineral Water, Aqua Pura act as custodians of our land and subsequently the rocks below it.  They take responsibility for the land and the ancient rocks that lie beneath it.  The water is free from contamination and pollutants – and they take fantastic care to protect and maintain the water source and the site.

Find out what makes our Natural Mineral Water so special.

Recycling and Responsibility – let’s look after our landscape

We can all do our bit to look after our amazing landscape by acting responsibly and recycling. Aqua Pura bottles, labels, shrink-wrap, and NEW caps are 100% recyclable.  This means all the packaging can go in the recycling bin.  The NEW Environmentally Friendly Caps are unique in that they stay with the bottle - removable caps can be found in the eco system. Wildlife such as seabirds find it hard to differentiate between these caps and food. Thanks to this attached cap, we can help win the fight on litter in the environment.

Find out more about Aqua Pura's commitment to sustainability.


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