Our Christmas Shopping Planner 2021 is your go-to planner to help you get organised for a magical Booths Christmas! It includes key dates of your favourite product arrivals in store as well as key offers, to help you create your own Christmas shopping planner ready to fill your Christmas cupboard in preparation for the big day.

As always, we’re well-stocked with craft beers, festive spirits, and award-winning wines, with plenty of low and no alcohol options available too. We have an array of mixers and sophisticated soft drinks to choose from so there’s something for everyone.

We find that planning ahead helps both to minimise and spread the cost of the festive season. By sitting down and writing out your plan (for example what you’ll eat and when, and what gifts to buy for who) and setting a budget, you can enjoy the season with less stress.

Christmas Shopping Planner

Booths  Mulled Wine & Bucks Fizz

Find our selection of fabulous Christmas gifts when you visit the seasonal aisle, from stocking fillers £10 and under to foodie gifts to presents for drinks lovers — our gin gift sets are always popular! Christmas chocolate tubs and gift boxes are in, as well as biscuit tins and tubes, Bucks Fizz and Mulled Wine. Our delicious festive Booths bakery bites are in as well as our freshly baked mince pies from Bells of Lazonby.

Some of our favourites and key offers:

  • Booths Bucks Fizz and Mulled Wine, £4.50 or 2 for £8
  • Booths Mince Pies, 4 Pack, £1.25 or 2 for £2
  • Booths Festive Bites and Slices, 2 for £5
  • Battistero Classic Panettone, 1kg, £5
  • Cadbury Roses and Heroes Tubs, £5.50 or 2 for £10
  • Fever Tree Ultimate G&T Selection, £15

Grandma Wild Biscuits

We've got Christmas gifts and confectionery galore, as well as our selection of advent calendars from cheese to chocolate. Christmas cards, gift wrap and accessories are in, as well as Christmas crackers and festive tableware.

Some of our favourites and key offers:

  • NEW Grandma Wild’s Festive Biscuit Tubes, 200g, £4 or 2 for £6
  • NEW Bon Bons Ultimate Retro Selection, 650g, £10
  • NEW Booths Roast & Ground Coffee Set, Each, £14
  • Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar, 298g, £9
  • Peter Rabbit Advent Calendar, 210g, £13
  • Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar, 24x20g, £10
  • Pukka Tea Advent Calendar, Each, £9
  • Bonne Maman Advent Calendar, Each, £20
  • Fox’s Chocolatey Tin, 365g, £5, offer ends 02.11.21
  • Ferrero Rocher, 525g, £12, offer ends 02.11.21
  • Eco Crackers, from £11

Booths Frozen Party Food

Visit the freezers for a selection of frozen items from Turkey to Lathams desserts.

  • NEW Booths Frozen Party Food, 3 for 2
  • Frozen Turkeys, from £22
  • Lathams Desserts, from £5
  • Booths King Prawn Ring, 300g, £5
  • Ben & Jerry’s Minter Wonderland, 465ml, £3, offer ends 02.11.21
  • Viennetta Chocolate Yule Log, 650ml, £1, offer ends 02.11.21
  • Cook Nut Loaf, 540g, £6

Festive fruit and nuts.

Some of our favourites and key offers:

  • Booths Luxury Fruit & Nut Selection, 225g, £4
  • Booths Salted Caramel and Cocoa Nuts, 150g, £7
  • Booths White Chocolate & Raspberry Nut Mix, 175g, £7
  • Booths Mixed Nuts with Nutcracker, 450g, £7.50
  • Booths Whole Chestnuts, £9/kg

Booths Christmas Sandwiches

Poinsettia, Christmas Beers and Christmas sandwiches included in our £4 Food to Go Meal Deal.

Some of our favourites and key offers:

  • Booths Hog Roast, £2.95
  • Booths Ultimate Festive Feast, £2.95
  • Booths No Turkey Festive Feast, £2.75 (Vegan)
  • Poinsettias, from £6
  • Batch Christmas Cookie Gin, 70cl, £28
  • Saltaire White Christmas, 500ml, £2.25 or 2 for £4
  • Ilkley Mary Christmas, 500ml, £2.25 or 2 for £4

Booths Hot Counter Christmas Sandwich

Christmas cheese and hot sandwiches have arrived on the counters and our Christmas menu is in our cafés.

Some of our favourites and key offers:

  • Christmas Afternoon Tea in the café, £20 or £18 for Your Booths Cardholders
  • Booths Hot Christmas Sandwich, £4.50
  • Santa’s Hat Mature Lancashire Cheese, 250g, £9.50
  • Christmas Pudding Cheese, 200g, £7
  • Happy Belly Christmas Scotch Egg, Each, £2.95

Christmas Bouquets

Potted Christmas trees, bouquets and plants.

  • NEW Annabel’s Mini Christmas Tree, £30
  • Small Pot Grown Christmas Tree, £15
  • Large Pot Grown Christmas Tree, £45

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees and Wreaths.

  • Christmas Wreaths, from £5
  • Nordmann Cut 3-4ft Christmas Tree, £25
  • Nordmann Cut 5-6ft Christmas Tree, £35
  • Nordmann Cut 6-7ft Christmas Tree, £45

Please ask a colleague at the customer service desk if you would like to view a tree.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreaths, locally handcrafted and decorated by Peter H Smith in Preston.

  • Festive Fruit Wreaths, £10
  • Standard Scented Wreath, £18
  • Premium Wreath, £35

In Store From 1st December

Christmas cakes.

Some of our favourites and key offers:

  • NEW Bryson’s of Keswick Festive Fondants, 6 Pack, £4
  • Booths Traditional Iced Christmas Cake, Each, £10
  • Booths Sherry & Rum Iced Christmas Cake, Each, £8
  • Booths Yule Log, 470g, £5

Booths Baking Camenbert

In Store From 8th December

Selected chilled party food, trimmings, smoked salmon, Booths Christmas soup and Christmas cheeses.

Some of our favourites and key offers:

  • NEW Booths French Baking Camembert with Spanish Chorizo, 570g, £9.50
  • NEW Booths Trout & Cave Aged Cheddar Roulade, 240g, £6.50
  • Booths Festive Turkey & Bacon Broth, 600g, £2.60
  • Booths Chilled Party Food, 3 for 2
  • Booths Smoked Salmon, 3 for 2
  • Truefoods Gravies and Sauces, from £2.85
  • Booths 12 Cheeses of Christmas Platter, 720g, 48 Pieces £20
  • Booths Baking Camembert with Cranberry Sauce, 290g, £5
  • Mash Direct Prepared Festive Vegetables, including parsnips, sprouts and roasties, from £1.60
  • Booths Lakeland Pigs In Blankets, 250g, £5

Booths Dipping bread with Camembert

In Store From 17th December

Chilled party food, desserts and entertaining.

Some of our favourites and key offers:

  • Booths Prawn Cocktail, Serves 4, £9
  • Booths Tear & Share Caramelised Onion & Cranberry Bread with Camembert, 360g, £6
  • Booths Prawn & Shrimp Platter, Serves 2, £18
  • Booths Maple Cured Gammon, 2kg, £15
  • Furness Fish Maple & Chilli Potted Shrimps, Serves 4, £17.50
  • Booths Chocolate Melt In The Middle Pudding, Serves 6, £10
  • Booths Cookie Butter and Spiced Apple Cheesecakes, 2 Pack, £5

Booths Farm-Assured White Turkey

In Store From 20th December

Fresh turkeys and meats in store including:

  • Booths Turkey Paupiettes, Serves 2, £9
  • Gressingham Organic Bronze Turkey, from £68
  • Booths Chicken Cushion, Serves 2 – 3, £15
  • Booths Roast in the Bag British Turkey Breast Joint with Stuffing, Serves 4 – 6, £35
  • Booths Three Bird Roast with Gluten-Free Sage & Onion Stuffing, Serves 10 £58

Find out more about the range of turkeys on offer and discover our top turkey tips by clicking here.

Order your entire festive meal in advance to collect on our food to order website by clicking here.

All information correct at time of publication, subject to change. Subject to availability. Check before travelling.




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