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Get into the great outdoors

Get outdoors to boost your mental health

Getting out and about in the great outdoors can have a huge positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. The benefits of reconnecting with nature and getting our bodies moving are well documented - and there’s no better place to do so than in the Lake District! Read on to discover how getting outdoors can boost your mental wellbeing, and some walking recommendations to get you started.

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5 Reasons to use the outdoors to boost mental wellbeing:

1. It has a whole host of health benefits

Did you know? Spending time in nature can help to improve your mood and reduce stress. Take walking, for example: the benefits are numerous! It can help to grow your confidence, increase endorphins and boost your energy to name just a few.

2. Nature is accessible to all

One of the great things about getting out into nature? It’s free! The fells, mountains, forests and paths of the Lake District offer a fantastic way to explore, so take advantage of this and use the outdoors as much as possible on your visit. There are also accessible routes which are wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

Get outdoors

3. It’s a great way to connect with loved ones

Spending time with the people who make you feel good can really help to boost your mental wellbeing - it’s thought to lower stress levels, improve your mood and encourage positive behaviours. The outdoors is a great place to get social: how about a walk with family, or a picnic with friends?

4. Trying new activities can boost confidence

Challenging yourself to try something new - whether that’s hiking along a path you haven’t visited before or biking along one of the Lake District’s cycling routes - can have a positive impact on confidence levels.

Plus, taking part in physical activity also means your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling, in turn making you feel happier. Have a think of what outdoor activity or sport you could try, make sure to plan ahead and get the right gear, and give it a go!

Get into the great outdoors - The Lake District, Cumbria

5. It’s a great way to get some Vitamin D

It’s not every day that we’re treated to glorious sunshine in the UK - so when we are, there’s nothing better than getting outdoors to make the most of it! Catching some rays means soaking up some extra Vitamin D - which has been shown to be likely to play a role in regulating our moods and combatting depression. Don’t forget the sun cream!

5 Walks in the Lake District to get you started:

Gruffalo's Child Trail

1. Gruffalo’s Child Trail

If you’re visiting the Lake District with children, the Gruffalo’s Child Trail in Grizedale Forest is a great opportunity for your little ones to discover the beauty of nature in a fun and educational way.

2. Broughton Railway

A relaxing, gentle walk along the old and disused Broughton railway line with plenty for nature lovers to enjoy.

Tarn Hows, near Coniston, The Lake District, Cumbria.

3. Tarn Hows - Miles without Stiles

One of the wheelchair-friendly Miles without Stiles walks, Tarn Hows offers beautiful views and plenty of rest stops.

4. Helvellyn

For stunning views of the Lake District, the walk around the Helvellyn Gill Path to the summit is a brilliant choice. One for more experienced walkers, it takes around five to six hours to complete.

Derwentwater, near Keswick, The Lake District, Cumbria.

Derwentwater Lake Shore

Beginning at Hawse End, this five mile walk winds its way along the Derwentwater shoreline. Along the way, there are spectacular lake views and picnic benches at which to take a break with an al fresco lunch.

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